About Us

Koala hugging a tree in front of Middle Eastern city at sunset

Barq is for everyone who has an affinity for the Middle-East.
Whether you are Middle-Eastern, have an emotional connection to it, or just like the look of our designs, the Barq aim is to bring comfort, spark and pride to your clothes and daily life.

Designed in Australia, and printed in the US/EU, our products are shipped all over the world.

Barq {بَرْق} is Arabic for lightning. In Persian {برق} and Ottoman Turkish {berk}, it also means: electricity, spark, shine, glitter, sparkle, flash, and brilliance.
And given that the Arabic script can have negative connotations in some countries, by wearing modern designs that pop, we can indirectly combat xenophobia together.

Barq does not have any religious or political affiliations. 
Our art and products are created with the intention of celebrating the Middle-Eastern culture and amalgamate it with modern art, illustration and fashion. 

We would love to hear from you!
All thoughts, requests, queries, and compliments (wishfully) are encouraged: